Powder Videos

Powder Overview (WiNTECH 2020 talk)
Base Stations
Spectrum Monitoring and Source Separation (WiNTECH 2020 talk)
Resource reservation in experimental workflow
RENEW Massive MIMO Hardware
O-RAN in POWDER (Demo)
Open5GS and UERANSIM in POWDER (Demo)
S1 Handover on POWDER with srsRAN and Open5Gs (Demo)
OAI 5G in POWDER (Demo)
Radio Experimentation with POWDER and GNU Radio (Short Demo)
OAI 5G using POWDER Controlled RF Bench (Short Demo)
Open5GS in POWDER (Short Demo)
O-RAN-based RAN Slicing in POWDER (Short Demo)
OAI 5G indoor OTA (Demo)
SenSys 2021: A Compliance Monitoring System for Open SDR Platforms (Demo)
Accessing POWDER mobile-endpoints (Demo)

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